I’m born and raised in Houston, Texas - now based in Southern California. My work is formed from streams of consciousness as it evolves and flows through a meditative process. People, experiences, nature, creatures, and all things mystical inspire me. I like to create surreal traditional pieces with a dark ethereal twist as commentary on the human experience. I hope my work can help others feel less alone.
My work has appeared in Infected by Art, The Hive Gallery, WOWxWOW, Hyaena Gallery, Thumbprint Gallery, DesignerCon, and Monsterpalooza. 

Group Shows
August 2019 - Eternity’s Engine, WOWxWOW
October 2019 - Here There Be Monsters, Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA
November 2019 - Run Rabbit Run, Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA
January 2020 - Ecstatic Flux, WOWxWOW
February 2020 - Aquarium of Night, WOWxWOW
March 2020 - Ghosts Aflame, WOWxWOW
May 2020 - MicroVisions 3, WOWxWOW
June 2020 - Parallel Truths, WOWxWOW
July 2020 - Monochromagic 3, WOWxWOW
August 2020 - WOW², WOWxWOW
October 2020 - Curious Alchemy, WOWxWOW
October 2020 - Non-Themed Group Show, The Hive Gallery & Studios, Los Angeles, CA
December 2020 - Silent Transmissions, WOWxWOW
January 2021 - Wake the Moon, WOWxWOW
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